Enterprise data monitoring platform, made easy.

Data issues undermine trust and cost organisations millions a year. Our data monitoring application sits in your data platform (AWS, GCP, and Azure), connects to your key data sources (S3, Snowflake, ...) and finds data issues before they can do any real damage.

Data management

Quickly identify, prioritise and resolve upstream data issues.

Shape AI lets data science and analytics teams define their data quality expectations in a self-service way. We monitor these expectations and when issue arise, involve stewards and experts to identify the root-cause and decide on the resolution. All during which you get real-time insights on progress and priorities.

Data science

Guard your information products against failures in production data.

You unfortunately can't control the quality of production data. To make sure bad data doesn't break anything, experienced data science teams define and monitor their expectations of the data. Shape AI monitors those expectations and alerts the right stakeholders based on the type of issue.

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